Your CPA or lawyer will almost always require an appraisal report when filing for bankruptcy. This is where Palm Beach Appraisal Group comes in. We can perform your appraisal for bankruptcy. At Palm Beach Appraisal Group, we have over twenty-five years of experience in the estate industry and know exactly how to handle appraisals for bankruptcy. We’ll inspect and research your property as well as use comparative analysis to assign an accurate value.

At Palm Beach Appraisal Group we will meet with you to discuss your personal property. We will ask for any provenance or information which you may have. At this time the inspection and appraisal process will be described and explained.


Our services are always timely, accurate and efficiently completed. We want to deliver an accurate report while still saving time and money. Our appraisal team is professional and qualified.


We proudly serve the Palm Beach, Broward and Dade Counties and surrounding areas. Please contact us today and we’ll gladly help you with your bankruptcy appraisal.

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