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When planning your estate, an inventory of your personal property is both a valuable tool and a comfort to your family, heirs, and executor. A personal property inventory can be a great document for estate management, taxes, and valuation purposes. Moreover, it can decrease confusion and emotional turmoil in the event of an unforeseen event or disaster.

Would you be able to provide proof of ownership and value to substantiate your insurance claim?

In the event of a fire, flood, theft or other natural disaster, would you be able to recall from memory everything you own in your home or business? Under normal conditions remembering all of your valuables is challenging but under the stress of a loss, it is far more difficult to recall.

Estate planning and insurance documentation are two of many reasons you should have a comprehensive, up-to-date personal property inventory. We all know this is wise, but few have the time to create it themselves. Gain peace of mind, let Palm Beach Appraisals Group provide an inventory for you. You will enjoy protection and peace of mind.

Palm Beach Appraisals Group efficient and professional service is here to help you.


  1. Photographic Record
  2. Written Record
  3. Estate Settlement Inventory
  4. Collection Inventory
  5. Whole House Inventory
  6. Appraised Values
  7. Equitable Distribution Values
  8. Annual Renewals and Updates


  • Homeowners
  • Business Owners
  • Estate Planners
  • Estate Distribution, Pre-Nuptial and Divorce Inventories
  • Insurance Companies
  • Collectors and Curators
  • People who are moving/relocating


Research is very important in fine art appraisal. Palm Beach Appraisals Group will completely and thoroughly research all aspects of your fine art. This will ensure credible fine art appraisal report results.

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We all know the famous saying…”A picture is worth a thousand words!” A whole house photographic inventory captures photographs of every item and room in your home or business. This photographic inventory allows  Palm Beach Appraisals Group to create a retroactive USPAP Certified Appraisal that can be submitted to your insurance company or attorney the event of disaster or death. A photographic record can expedite that claims process and helps to ensure less back and forth with the insurance.



A written catalog is an itemized list organized room by room with special attention paid to those items of value. Your written catalog is delivered together with a photographic record that allows  Palm Beach Appraisals Group to create a retroactive USPAP Certified Appraisal. A USPAP Certified Appraisal is recognized by insurers and it can be submitted to your insurance company or attorney in the event of disaster or death.



An Estate Settlement Inventory is an itemized written list, together with photographs, organized by room including current fair market values. Estate settlement inventories are helpful in situations where an appraisal for tax purposes is not required, but equitable distribution among family, friends or heirs is necessary.



How does a Collections Inventory differ from a whole-house inventory? It’s in the details. We photograph each item individually, and the written description includes the details of each item, piece-by-piece. For example:

Artwork – artist, medium, title, measurements.
China – manufacturer, pattern, number of place settings and piece in each place setting, serving pieces.
Porcelain – manufacturer, country of origin, name of piece, identifying number, measurements.
Silver – manufacturer, country of origin, identifying number, number of pieces.



Complementing the photographic record is an itemized list of your personal property. Organized by room, the detailed description includes manufacturer of furniture, artist and identifying marks of art and collectibles, manufacturer, model and serial numbers of electronics.



While preparing home and business inventories, we are often asked if we know the value of some or all of the property. As a member of the International Society of Appraisers, Andy Rose is a qualified Appraiser and capable of providing accurate Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) compliant certified appraisal reports. This is considered the “gold standard” in the appraisal field.



We are often asked, while preparing home and business inventories, if we know the “market, wholesale or auction value” for purposes of distributing property to family or friends. While different than an appraisal, Andy Rose  uses his twenty-one years of experience and expertise in the fine art, antiques and collectibles auction industry to ascertain market and auction values.



As ownership of assets changes, an update of this information is recommended. As a service to our clients, we offer annual renewals and updates at a nominal fee. These updates will keep your records current without paying for the full service again.