Estate Appraisals

There are many situations where an appraisal of personal property is needed for the purposes of Estate Planning. Whether the first meeting is by telephone or a personal visit, we are prepared to provide your Estate Appraisal in a correct and timely manner.

It’s important that we know why you need an appraisal so that we can appropriately help you. Some common reasons for an estate appraisal include tax purposes, creating a trust, valuing gifts and equitable distribution. The need will determine the specific type of appraisal assignment.


Inspections are one of the most important steps in the estate appraisal process. A thorough inspection will reveal the necessary detail including the condition, marks and other important characteristics. Photographs will also be taken for research and documentation purposes.


The research process reveals comparable sales of comparable property. The detailed information such as condition, labels and marks are used as part of the research process. There are instances where consultation with experts is necessary. The ultimate goal is to protect you and your property.


With twenty-one years experience in the antique, fine art and collectibles auction and valuation industry assisting thousands  of clients with their personal property auction and valuation industry together with continuing education ensures professional, reliable, and accurate appraisals.

Our unique approach is tailored to your individual needs. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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