Estate Sales

Palm Beach Appraisal Group takes care of every part of the process from pre-sale appraisals through post-sale clean out. Our process takes the guesswork out of what can sometimes seem too overwhelming to do. We come alongside you and your family to help liquidate your valuable items.

Our 5-Point Estate Sales Process includes:

  1. Pre-Sale Meeting and Planning
  2. Sale Preparation
  3. Recommendations for the Sale
  4. During the Sale
  5. Post Sale

PRE-Sale Meeting and Planning

  • Skilled professional appraiser meets with you to determine and assess your needs.
  • We then schedule a time to appraise all the items in the home, attic, garage and outbuildings.
  • Items are sorted, arranged and priced.
  • We determine a sale date and advertise the Estate Sale.

We schedule a complimentary confidential consultation to hear what your needs are and to understand how we can best help you. It is during the consultation that we will look over your items and offer insight as to what is saleable and even offer some estimated prices. We will also evaluate if there is enough to conduct an estate sale. In other words, we want you to have the most successful outcome possible regardless of whether we work together.

Sale Preparation

Once you decide if you are ready to partner with us to conduct your sale, we will select the best date; at which time we will also determine if it will be a 1-, 2-, or 3-day sale. A short time before the sale, our team of professionals will spend a couple of days in your home organizing, pricing and staging your sale. We have a highly skilled and experienced team that will set you up for success.

Marketing your sale benefits you and us so we actively use all avenues of marketing available to drive traffic to your sale. We will discuss this in depth with you upon partnering together.

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Recommendations for Sale Day(s)

We recommend you not be present for the sale. There are many emotions that can arise during the sale and we want to protect you and your family members as best we can during this challenging time.


During the Sale

We arrive early and ready to do business and make sure that everything is prepared and well staged for opening time. We are there when potential customers arrive to answer questions and point them to items that may be of special interest to them. We are very well trained and love what we do–helping you with your sale and helping prospects find the perfect piece for their own collections.



Once a sale has concluded, we go over what has sold and tally up the receipts with you. We will discuss the payout more during our consultation.

We recognize that the ideal scenario would be that every piece is sold at the estate sale; however, this is not the case. There are many pieces that will remain after the sale, and this is where we can point you toward charitable organizations that would be a perfect place for your donations. The benefits of donating are vast since you can use these donations as a tax benefit.

We also have moving companies that can help move any remaining items.