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The Market Is Changing. What Are Your Items Worth Today?

Sometimes time, distance, or other factors prevent you from bringing your items to the appraiser, or bringing the appraiser to your home. In these instances, perhaps an Online Appraisal may represent the quickest and easiest way to obtain a value on your items. In our opinion a Hands-On Appraisal is almost always preferable to an Online Appraisal, but we recognize that there are instances where an Online Appraisal can be helpful in providing you with a quick valuation or authentication, or some general guidance as to whether your item(s) are good, great, or not very valuable at all.

Online Appraisals can be especially helpful in such instances where:

  • An individual is seeking to establish the authenticity or value on something they have just purchased.
  • A dealer is looking for help in pricing new inventory.
  • A collector is looking for the current market value of a collection.
  • Someone is in need of a quick appraisal for Insurance, Inheritance, Legal, or Estate purposes.

And we often perform this service online…offer you two quick and easy options:

  • Online eMail Authentication & Valuation

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