Charitable Donation

Considering making a non-cash charitable donation and don’t know where to start? It is first important to know that you will be required to have a qualified appraisal that is prepared by a qualified appraiser.

Palm Beach Appraisal Group meets these requirements and handles any and all charitable donations in the appropriate and legal manner.

If you’re thinking of making a charitable donation and want a qualified appraisal, here a few things you should know:

  • The IRS requires that non-cash charitable donations only be made to qualified organizations in order to receive the tax deductible benefits. A deduction for non-cash charitable contributions is permitted subject to some restrictions depending on the taxpayer’s Adjusted Gross Income, the nature of the property contributed, and the type of donor organizations.
  • Determining the correct value of donated property is an important aspect of a charitable donation.​ Our experience and education allow the resulting Charitable Donation Report to be precise.


Palm Beach Appraisal Group provides non-cash charitable donation appraisals of the highest quality and in the most efficient manner. This saves you time and money. Our appraisals are always accurate and maximize value for our clients and their families.

When you enlist us to provide your charitable donation appraisal, you can be confident knowing we will provide a professional appraisal. Please contact us today.

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